Velostrata Releases Tool to Ease Cloud Migrations

Velostrata, a provider of cloud workload mobility, announced a new flagship solution with new capabilities for easing cloud migration projects. Velostrata 2.0 comes with additional support for Microsoft Azure, complementing existing AWS support and providing multi-cloud flexibility and anti lock-in.

“Enterprises would like to take advantage of cloud agility, but migrating data-rich applications to the cloud can more often than not be complex, slow and carry a high risk of failure,” said Ady Degany, co-founder and chief product officer at Velostrata. “Our goal is to simplify public cloud adoption. With Velostrata 2.0, we’ve included smart migration and dev/test, therefore enabling companies to quickly move workloads to AWS or Azure, while keeping storage on-premises.”

Velostrata’s software decouples compute from storage without sacrificing performance. Velostrata’s streaming and caching enables applications to be operational in the public cloud within minutes, the vendor claimed, while storage is migrated in the background. Velostrata Smart Migration is agentless, the vendor added.

Velostrata Smart Migration is targeted at stateful workloads such as ERP, Collaboration, Middleware, OLTP, Oracle and MS-SQL databases, and compilers.

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