Velotix’s Modular Approach to Data Security Propels Data Efficiency and Democratization

Velotix, the AI data security company, is launching its three-tiered architecture for the Velotix security platform, built to propel organizations on their way toward fully automated data access. With this modular design, Velotix is enabling enterprises—wherever they are in their data governance journey—to begin to automate and control compliant access while mitigating significant risk.

This enhancement within the Velotix platform is a response to the growing complexity that data security regulations impose on enterprises generating massive amounts of data. By meeting companies exactly where they are through a phase approach to data governance, Velotix allows organizations to leverage specific functionalities within the platform that best benefit their current position in the security and automation journey.

“Although enterprises are aware that today’s data tsunami is spiraling out of control and that they will need automation to better manage authorizations, implementing a full-blown solution can be impractical,” said Dr. Adi Hod, CEO and co-founder at Velotix. “Our goal is to provide distinct phases for data democratization with quicker benefits so enterprises can advance at a pace that is comfortable for them while they make data more available for users, applications, and algorithms.”

The new modules within the Velotix data security platform cover three areas: data discovery and auto-tagging, access management powered by AI, and policy database management.

The data discovery and auto-tagging module addresses enterprises’ often disparate data estates, spread across databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, amplified further by differing region locations. Velotix’s module auto-tags data and metadata imported from existing databases, generating a single, centralized repository for accessing information, as well as granting and revoking permissions. Sensitive data is continuously identified through data classification algorithms, which also enable the data repository to be kept up to date.

Access management powered by AI optimizes role-based access, where the module automatically produces fine-grained policies at the attribute level—definable by groups, individuals, and users. This alleviates the pressures of manual input, maintenance, and error resolution, while simultaneously providing automated conflict identification of authorizations.

The final module—policy database management—is designed to enable organizations to build and maintain their data protection policies with ease through its dynamic workflow builder and AI-driven policy engine. These capabilities aggregate data catalogs, re-adjust policies with ML, and continuously maintains them. The catalog is equipped with a thorough understanding of privacy regulations, including GDPR, HIPPA, and CCPA.

“Data discovery and tagging is essential for taking control over the data access lifecycle,” said Noam Biran, VP of product at Velotix. “Every company needs a full inventory of their data assets, and our modular architecture enables enterprises to take the first step before utilizing AI to bring their permissions management to the next level.”

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