Vercel Releases Three New Serverless Frontend-Native Cloud Storage Solutions

Vercel is offering a suite of serverless storage options now available in the Vercel Dashboard, powered by the best infrastructure providers in the industry.

Vercel KV, Vercel Postgres, and Vercel Blob are built on open standards and protocols, designed for low latency, efficient data fetching, and fully integrated with the company’s existing tools and workflows.

Vercel KV is a serverless, Redis-compatible, easy-to-use, and highly durable database, according to the company.

Vercel partnered with Upstash to deliver tooling designed to embrace serverless—a durable datastore that persists in memory and on disk by default. This opens the doors to a world of uses beyond what you might normally build with Redis.

Additionally, Vercel has partnered with Neon to introduce Vercel Postgres, the first serverless SQL database built for the frontend cloud.

With Vercel Postgres, users get a fully managed, highly scalable, truly serverless, fault-tolerant database that delivers high performance and low latency for web applications.

Vercel Postgres is designed to work seamlessly with the Next.js App Router and Server Components, which makes it easy to fetch data from the database to render dynamic content on the server.

You can use Vercel Postgres to query, insert, update, or delete data directly inside your React Server Components, providing you with powerful server-first data mutations and less client-side JavaScript.

Vercel Blob is a fast, easy, and efficient solution for storing files in the cloud. It provides a simple yet powerful API for storage that is built entirely on top of web standards, without the need to configure buckets or implement heavy SDKs.

Blob storage can be used for a lot of things, storing files like images, PDFs, .CSV files, and programmatically generated content.

Vercel's first-party storage solutions make it easy for developers to manage their frontend storage needs, without worrying about infrastructure. Hobby and Pro users can get started with Vercel KV and Vercel Postgres today. Vercel Blob is in beta and will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

In addition to this news, Vercel is Introducing Vercel Firewall and Vercel Secure Compute to enhance the security of applications and infrastructure.

According to the company, developers can enjoy a frictionless experience with features such as instant deployments and real-time feedback, while organizations benefit from enterprise-grade security features, including private connections, DDoS mitigation, and seamless authentication through partnerships with leading security providers.

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