Veristorm Brings Hadoop to the Mainframe

Veristorm announced the release of what it calls the first Hadoop-based big data platform to run natively on the mainframe. The platform, vStorm Enterprise, provides a commercial Hadoop distribution for Linux on mainframe, with drag-and-drop access to mainframe databases and files. The vStorm Enterprise platform also enables access and analytics of both sensitive mainframe data and other big data sources, the vendor says.

“Mainframes process 60% of all transactions and so to our users the valuable use cases for big data processing and analytics will leverage mainframe data,” said Sanjay Mazumder, founder and CEO of Veristorm. “Governance, technical challenges, and skills shortages around COBOL make offloading complex and expensive. We have solved this problem by moving the workload to the infrastructure processing the data.”

The vStorm Enterprise platform enables analytics on mainframe logs and customer data, without delay or security risk. It can copy tables from database applications and files directly into Hadoop on Linux running on the mainframe. The virtual appliance can connect to external x86 environments, helping to avoid the complexity of COBOL copybook and security risks, compliance challenges, and delays of offloading data.

The zDoop software is the first commercial distribution of Hadoop for Linux running on mainframe servers. With support for the leading enterprise Linux distributions, zDoop creates a supported and familiar environment to bridge the mainframe and distributed talent pools.

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