Versant Ships Object Database

Versant Corporation, a provider of specialized data management software, has released a new object database that delivers improved performance and scalability. Versant Object Database 8.0 Service Release 2 (VOD 8 SR2) is designed to provide scalable real-time analytical performance for large, complex applications.

SR2 adds several enhancements, including an improved query optimizer now supporting compound indexes, a refined horizontal scale out with support of distributed databases, upgraded production environments due to new online database configuration capabilities, and general multi-core performance improvements. SR2 also includes several updates for supported platforms and compilers. Another new tuning feature in SR2 is the addition of multi-key compound indexes (B-tree), which can potentially enhance the query optimizer.

The new release also includes a feature known as VOD Online Database Configuration, which enables database tuning during production without any downtime - which has always posed a challenge for enterprises. "One important challenge is to continue to operate a database during an upgrade or tuning process and maintain the integrity of the database," Dirk Bartels, vice president of strategy at Versant, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Most relational database systems perform tuning for example by changing the schema - such as denormalizing tables - and adding indices, adding stored procedures, or changing the server and network configuration," he says. "Most traditional systems will require a certain amount of downtime to perform either of these tasks. In order to continue to operate, the database system must be replicated and the operation continues with the replica. Synchronizing the tuned database with the replica after the tuning is performed adds another level of complexity."

Versant SR2, he continues, "is built so that the server and network configuration can be tuned during operations, and schema and index changes can be performed as well, always maintaining the integrity of the database. We believe that Versant is quite unique in that regard."

VOD 8 SR2 is available for Windows 32 and 64 bit platforms, Solaris for SPARC and Intel platforms, and Red Hat Linux for the Intel platform.

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