Vertica 12 Future-Proofs Analytics for an Increasingly Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World

Vertica, a Micro Focus line of business, has released version 12 of the Vertica analytical database, which includes new features and enhancements for analytics and machine learning across multi-cloud, hybrid on-prem and cloud, and multi-regional deployments.

The announcement was made during Vertica Unify 2022, the organization’s annual user conference, where attendees learned that Vertica 12 users can now choose from the broadest range of deployment options on the market, with improved automation capabilities as well, to future-proof analytics against constantly changing technology requirements.

While many companies are being forced to choose their analytics deployment strategy, the reality is that it is difficult to commit to one thing, whether it is public cloud, on-prem, or hybrid, since no one knows exactly what the future may hold, said Scott Richards, senior vice president and general manager, Vertica at Micro Focus. “With Vertica 12, we have developed a completely flexible platform that is seamlessly hybrid."

It is as capable of deploying in a SaaS model as it is on-prem, Richards said. "The continuous advancement of our analytical capabilities means that no matter what your future data strategies may hold, Vertica brings powerful analytics to your data.”

In addition to supporting more on-prem object stores, Vertica 12 expands its Kubernetes support beyond AWS S3 to Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Azure Blob Storage and Hadoop Distributed Filesystem Storage (HDFS), making it fully cloud-native in any environment. Vertica’s cloud-optimized architecture also has been enhanced with intelligent subclustering to better manage variable workloads and data sharing, helping to assign costs to owners in a logical way.

On the integration front, Vertica 12 increases the interaction with the data analytics ecosystem. Customers will benefit because key proprietary and open-source technologies work seamlessly, including a new version of VerticaPy, the Vertica Python and Jupyter Notebook interface, as well as an enhanced Spark connector and broadened PMML support.

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