Vertica Accelerator is Now Available on AWS

Vertica is releasing its new unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Vertica Accelerator, delivering high-performance and scalable analytics as well as end-to-end, in-database machine learning while running on AWS.  

“In a race to becoming more data-driven, companies are adopting cloud-based managed services to run their analytics, but they are shocked by the lack of control and skyrocketing bills,” says Colin Mahony, GM and SVP of Vertica, Micro Focus. “Vertica Accelerator delivers the fastest analytics as a service to organizations with complete control- customers leverage their own negotiated pricing with AWS and get to determine their performance levels based on their needs while also leveraging Vertica’s built-in auto-scaling to avoid bill shock."

Vertica Accelerator runs on AWS public cloud infrastructure in a customer’s own AWS account, providing the ability to preserve all negotiated pricing and committed spend while automating the setup and management of the Vertica environment.

Following through on the commitment to deliver one unified analytics platform for any deployment model, Vertica Accelerator includes all of the core functionality that customers trust—from advanced analytical functions including time series, pattern matching, geospatial, and in-database end-to-end machine learning, according to the vendor.   

Highlights and benefits of Vertica Accelerator include:

  • Analytics that scales - As your data and analysis needs grow – more users, more use cases, more data—Vertica Accelerator grows with you.
  • Faster analysis – Finish queries in seconds or minutes, not hours. Accomplish analytics use cases you thought impossible.
  • Easy administration – All upgrades, backups, and installation are handled for you via the Vertica management plane—designed, built, and maintained by Vertica experts—so that you can focus on your analytics and machine learning.
  • Availability Zone (AZ) failover and automatic node recovery – Spend more time getting value from your data and less time with administration as you scale to more use cases and higher data volumes with fewer resources.
  • Autoscaling and Auto Scheduling – Ramp up compute automatically, but with user-defined guardrails to avoid high surprise bills.
  • Data democratization – Get database access for all analysts and data scientists without worrying that other workloads will slow you down.
  • No extra charges – Move from traditional BI to advanced analytics like geospatial, time series, or machine learning without paying extra.
  • Freedom to negotiate – Use your negotiated discounts, savings plans, and reserved instances set up on your secure AWS account.
  • Onboarding service with Vertica experts – Vertica experts provide you with a personalized onboarding experience to ensure you get the most out of your analytics experience, including cross-account linking and ongoing monitoring and upgrades.

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