Vertica Analytic Database for the Cloud is Upgraded

Vertica recently announced an upgrade to its Vertica Analytic Database for the Cloud that brings all the new features of the recently announced Vertica 3.0 platform to cloud computing customers. The new version also adds improved Java development capabilities, support for Sun's forthcoming Sun Cloud, and a number of new ease-of-use and management features.

Vertica Analytic Database for the Cloud 3.0 is an on-demand version of the company's MPP columnar database hosted on cloud computing services such as Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), as well as upcoming cloud computing services from Sun and Rackspace. The new cloud version offers all the features and capabilities of the enterprise version of the Vertica Analytic Database, but with the convenience of a hosted offering.

"Now BI tool users can just as easily point their applications at a server name on the cloud and populate their Vertica cloud database as they can with a version running on their internal infrastructure," Dave Menninger, vice president of product management and marketing for Vertica, tells 5 Minute Briefing . "Also, Vertica Analytic Database for the Cloud can be used in conjunction with internal versions such that key data security policies can be met. Data that must be kept behind an enterprise's firewall can be run on their own infrastructure, while data that can be securely passed through the firewall can be populated in the Cloud version."

This pay-as-you-go offering enables companies to create scalable, high-performance analytic data warehouses and business intelligence (BI) data marts without huge upfront data center costs and delays. All the software applications, servers, security, networking and storage are provisioned automatically and maintained on an as-needed basis by the cloud platform provider. The cloud scales on-demand - additional servers are added to a customer's cluster as workloads demand.

Menninger also says that "the Cloud version can run on an Amazon EC2 Machine Image (AMI) and customers who already have an account with Amazon can continue using it for their Vertica access and don't need to create a new account. Customers who don't have a current Amazon Account can use Vertica's own cloud computing portal."

To make cloud computing even easier, Vertica for the Cloud 3.0 also offers new easy-to-use web-based administration tools, pre-configured unixODBC drivers, and a one-click Windows Data Source Names (DSNs) creator that lets users easily create and modify DSNs at runtime. The new version is also better for developers of Java BI applications. It features fast loading JDBC drivers and higher performance streaming of large data volumes to Java server-side data warehouses.

For more information about Vertica, go here.