Vertica Announces Early Access of Vertica Eon Accelerator and Acquisition of Full360

Vertica, the core analytical platform within the Micro Focus software portfolio, has announced that its analytics-as-a-service offering, the Vertica Eon Accelerator, is now available via an early access program. To further support ongoing advancements of the Eon Accelerator, the company also has acquired long-time strategic partner and Vertica-as-a-service provider Full360.

Vertica Eon Accelerator delivers the high-performance and scalable analytics as well as end-to-end, in-database machine learning to organizations that require the right level of resourcing, management, and control for each analytical use case—all built on the proven cloud native architecture of Vertica in Eon Mode, separating compute from storage and leveraging S3 Object Storage on AWS. 

The acquisition of Full360 will provide additional data engineering expertise, development operations, best practices, security certifications, and global resources to accelerate the development and ongoing advancements of Vertica Eon Accelerator.

“There’s a clear market need for advanced analytics and machine learning delivered as a service. However, current cloud data warehouses force organizations to sacrifice on performance and scale and offer an inflexible ‘black box’ approach,” said Colin Mahony, GM and SVP of Vertica, Micro Focus. “Vertica Eon Accelerator offers organizations much greater transparency and control?control of their environment, control over tuning their queries, ownership of their data—all while relying on a field-proven, cloud-optimized architecture that delivers the highest levels of performance at extreme scale with forecastable and transparent pricing. Our acquisition of Full 360 will further enhance our managed service in meeting this huge market opportunity.”

Vertica Eon Accelerator runs on AWS public cloud infrastructure in a customer’s own AWS account, empowering customers to preserve all negotiated pricing and committed spend while automating the setup and management of the Vertica environment. Following through on a commitment to deliver one unified analytics platform for any deployment model, this analytics as a service offering includes all of the core functionality that customers trust?from advanced analytical functions including time series, pattern matching, geospatial, and in-database end-to-end machine learning—with the performance and scale that powers the most data-driven companies around the world. 

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