Veryant Ships Enhanced COBOL Migration Tool

Veryant, a COBOL-to-Java migration tools vendor, announced it has added features to  its vCOBOL Enterprise platform that includes new compatibility with legacy mainframe and Micro Focus COBOL dialects and improved debugging capabilities.

vCOBOL is a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to legacy COBOL dialects commonly found running business-critical transaction processing systems. As a preferred resource to migrate COBOL applications off IBM mainframes and drive high performance interactive and batch applications on open systems, Veryant's vCOBOL supports enterprises' strategic IT initiatives for cost-cutting, consolidation, and operational effectiveness.

"With an estimated 200 billion lines of COBOL still in use at enterprises worldwide, there is enormous need to preserve these large investments, yet evolve existing COBOL applications into more modern and useful resources," says Dovid Lubin, vice president for Veryant.  

The new release is intended to help decrease annual software licensing expenses and enhancing interoperability with enterprise technologies such as XML.

"Developers using vCOBOL Enterprise are able to develop and deploy business-critical COBOL applications across UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows based systems from a single source code base without the need for any platform-specific work,"  Lubin says.

In the latest vCOBOL release, Veryant added enhanced compatibility with legacy COBOL dialects (support for XML PARSE and GENERATE), support for common Micro Focus COBOL compatible library routines, debugging improvements so users can trace paragraphs and programs as they execute, and mainframe-compatible date, time, and delay callable services support, to provide current local time and date in several formats and conversion of dates and times.

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