VigiTrust Adds More Risk Assessment Features to its Platform

VigiTrust, provider of Integrated Risk Management SaaS solutions, is introducing Asset Register, Risk Register, and Dynamic Assessment features on its flagship platform, VigiOne.

Organizations can now assess the risks to their assets before determining how they line up with legal, industrial, and security standards, and take steps to meet all relevant regulations. 

VigiOne has historically enabled organizations to prepare, validate and manage their compliance with security and data protection standards and regulations through its continuous monitoring, assessments, eLearning, audit and reporting functions.

The platform now expands its reach to cover the steps before compliance management: namely, answering the questions, "What are the risks my organization faces, and what can I do about those risks?" to help create a Continuous Compliance Program.

The new tools include:

  • Asset Register: Enables users to register all company assets, from physical security and IT systems to processes, reputation and IP, and assign responsibility for each; companies can also integrate existing asset registers into the VigiOne platform
  • Risk Register: Users classify each threat, vulnerability and impact level, and VigiOne automatically calculates a risk score by domain; also allows organizations to incorporate inherent risk levels for each asset and apply risk treatment controls to determine residual risk per asset
  • Dynamic Assessment: Manages asset templates, including pre-existing templates for each standard and regulation, and provides a tool for organizations to create their own assessments, which can be automatically or manually mapped to and tracked against all existing regulations

“Our new tool suite allows organizations to define their scope, calculate their risks, and create an assessment to ensure that they are continually compliant with all relevant regulations,” said VigiTrust founder and CEO Mathieu Gorge. “Unlike competitive solutions, VigiOne is highly customizable, empowering users to edit and add questions and draft their own risk management templates, while still being connected to the regulations. It also allows them to demonstrate compliance to multiple standards through a single assessment, rather than having to answer the same questions over and over for each regulation.”

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