Violin Memory Expands its Global Partner Program

Violin Memory, Inc., which offers flash storage platform solutions for primary storage and active workloads, is launching a Global Partner Program and a new simplified online portal.

“We’d like to partner with the best and the brightest out there, the folks who actually have pretty good expertise in the storage arena but are really looking now for a flash vendor to partner with who can also provide all the storage assessments, run the sales campaign, and provide the post sales services,” said Jeff Nollette, global vice president of Channel Sales at Violin.

The expanded Violin Global Partner Program will establish incentives and business models that will help organizations to achieve success through simplified partner programs, more predictable performance rewards, and tools to deliver consistency in partner engagement.

“It’s a very broad market,” Nollette said. “Primary storage is consumed by just about everyone on the planet who’s running any sort of enterprise application.  We do quite a lot of business in manufacturing , health services, as well and tons of business in the financial arena.”

A multi-tiered partner model allows accredited partners to start small without compromising platform performance or features delivered to customers, according to Violin. “We’ll do a lot of things primarily targeted toward high end prospects or the partner’s customer base to introduce them to a new flash storage alternative, which is Violin,” Nollette added.

The announcement comes on the heels of the recently launched Violin Flash Storage Platform.  “There have been a lot of announcements in the last month or so,” Nollette said. “On February 17, we announced to the public our flash storage platform. There are big changes in the channel program also. For the first time, as long as I’ve been in the storage industry, we are going to give greater control to the partners over their own margins in the field. It’s a little surprising how quickly the all-flash-storage market is accelerating.”

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