Virtana Creates Capacity Planning Solution for Hybrid Cloud Management and Monitoring

Virtana, a provider of AI-driven solutions for hybrid cloud management and monitoring, is making enhancements to the the infrastructure performance management (IPM) capabilities of Virtana Platform, focusing on proactive enterprise IT management.

Through Virtana’s Capacity Planning solution, companies get access to real-time data for highly accurate and reliable forecasts—bringing resource efficiency and better purchase and expansion planning to both on-premises and cloud infrastructure, according to the company.

Business results of Virtana Platform’s Capacity Planning solution include:

  • Better purchase and expansion planning - resource efficiency allows customers to understand future spending needs
  • Problem avoidance and increased availability - running out of capacity can severely impact business performance
  • Proactive troubleshooting - depth of observability and monitoring allows customers to be proactive versus reactive

“Virtana Platform’s (VP) capacity planning tool keeps you from overrunning budget and ensures you have capacity when you need it,” said Jon Cyr, VP of product at Virtana. “You’ll never be surprised by on-prem or cloud costs again. With VP’s capacity planning, you can set alarms to know critical points of failure before they occur—for example, you can be made aware six months in advance of the problem that at your current growth rate, you’ll run out of storage in six months.”

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