Virtana Extends Partnership with AWS to Offer its Unified Observability SaaS Platform

Virtana, the AIOps observability company for hybrid cloud, is expanding its offering of the Virtana Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Offering end user customers a unified SaaS platform on Marketplace, which leverages a ‘know before you go’ approach with high-definition data collection on-premises, delivers precision observability, reduces cloud costs, and de-risks public cloud migration to AWS.

Virtana Platform is designed to provide Global 2000 enterprises the precise data-driven ability to identify, de-risk, and prioritize workloads, accelerating the move of the right workloads at the right time in an optimized form to AWS. The migration-focused Software as a Service (SaaS) partner has the history of expertise in precisely understanding the existing customer application workloads that are candidates for migration.

Virtana chose to build its platform natively on AWS to ensure the highest levels of alignment as both services advance to meet ever-evolving customer requirements. This relationship with AWS and the SaaS platform availability give customers a unique artificial intelligence (AI)-powered roadmap for optimizing digital transformation and cloud enablement, along with true visibility throughout the digital transformation journey.

“Data is the currency in this digital era, and it is time for customers to take it to the bank. We are proud of our growing relationship with AWS, supporting and enabling customers to know before they go to the cloud,”said Kash Shaikh, president and CEO of Virtana. “Virtana’s SaaS platform (now available in AWS Marketplace) delivers a unique approach to observability that unifies AIOps, cloud cost optimization, and de-risks cloud migration using high-definition precision data insights. The combination of AWS best practices and our deep observability and insights are leading to stronger migration methodologies, reductions in cloud expenses, and acceleration of a more powerful digital transformation for our Global 2000 customers.”   

As a member of AWS’ Advanced Technology Partner Program, Virtana is working with System Integrators (SI) aligned with AWS, leveraging their expertise and methodologies around migration.  

Virtana Platform is now available in AWS Marketplace and will continue to work to continue to deliver the best customer transformational journey through working with the Migration Acceleration Team, the SaaS Factory Team, individual product teams for Migration Evaluator, and the Business Case Analysis Team.  

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