Virtana Introduces a Kubernetes Support Strategy Across Entire Portfolio

Virtana, a provider of AI-driven solutions for hybrid cloud management and monitoring, announced new Kubernetes strategy that will deliver container support across the full portfolio of Virtana Platform solutions.

This strategy aims to deliver actionable infrastructure insights for optimal performance, cost, and capacity of business applications, according to the vendor.  

The first deliverable of this strategy is a rightsizing feature for container environments through Virtana Platform’s cloud cost optimization solution.

With this capability, Virtana Platform users will have access to container rightsizing recommendations alongside ones for traditional compute—all within the Costs Savings Opportunities dashboard of Virtana Platform.

Given a rapid spike in Kubernetes usage, AWS and Azure users need a tool that provides cost savings for both traditional compute and containerized/serverless compute resources. As of today, most users do not appropriately constrain, monitor, or manage their Kubernetes containers, leading to excess spend and unpredictable performance, according to the company.

“There is a huge opportunity to unlock development speed, flexibility, and operational efficiency through container usage,” said Jon Cyr, head of product for Virtana. “Yet many enterprises leveraging containers forget the basics of rightsizing and monitoring before and during development, leading to huge end of month bills and unnecessary cloud spend.”

Virtana collects performance metrics from customers’ container environments through the use of Prometheus, an open-source monitoring tool for Kubernetes.

Through Virtana Platform, the company then analyzes the metrics to provide insight and deliver prescriptive rightsizing recommendations for Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) containers. From these recommendations, users can tailor the default rightsizing based on constraints for CPU and memory, to meet specific business requirements and risk tolerance.

This new Kubernetes optimization feature will be available for all Virtana Platform customers with a Pro license, with additional configuration.

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