Virtana Provides Signature Platform on the AWS Marketplace

Virtana, an AIOps observability company for hybrid cloud, is offering the Virtana Platform in AWS Marketplace, giving Global 2000 enterprises the precise data-driven ability to identify, de-risk, and prioritize workloads.

“At a time when all companies are being rushed to the cloud, having a partner to guide you there with pre-migration insight and post-migration optimization is crucial to getting the most bang for your buck in the shortest time frame,” said Alex Thurber, CRO of Virtana. “The technology we’re providing AWS customers through Marketplace—with rapid, customizable procurement options—is just the start of what we can do for enterprises on their digital transformation journey.”

Virtana Platform is a modern SaaS solution, built for modularity, scalability, and flexibility. The platform consists of several use case-specific modules, including:

  • Migrate: This module leverages the robust application discovery and granular workload profiling capabilities of the Observe agentless data collector. The solution provides a deep understanding of application dependencies, the associated infrastructure resource utilization, and a migration complexity analysis. Virtana Migrate enables ‘workload to infrastructure’ right-sizing, cloud 'instance' recommendations, and cross-cloud cost forecasting.
  • Optimize: This module provides ongoing cloud cost optimization with a unique focus on performance, risk, and cost—one customer reduced cloud costs by 30% after just 10 days. Virtana Optimize provides continuous bill analysis to alert on unexpected changes that drive up cloud spend, as well as a unified view of actionable saving recommendations. Its advanced 'What If' analysis engine delivers the ability to manage the balance between performance, risk, and cost through policy based right-sizing. In addition, the per-instance visibility into programmatic discounts, data transfer fees, and instance utilization provide a near real-time understanding of the true costs of your cloud entities.

“Access to Virtana Platform in AWS Marketplace provides customers with a scalable way to optimize and speed their cloud migrations,” said Mona Chadha, Director, AWS marketplace category management at AWS. “Customers can leverage on-prem application discovery and profiling, dependency mapping and migration planning, cloud right-sizing, and cost optimization at the touch of a button.”

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