Virtel Screen Redesigner Empowers Mainframe Developers to Quickly Create Innovative Web UI Experiences

VIRTEL, a provider of innovative mainframe solutions and creator of the original browser-based 3270 emulation Virtel Web Access, is launching Virtel Screen Redesigner (VSR), a cutting-edge tool designed to transform and modernize mainframe 3270 screens.

As organizations strive to enhance user experience, increase productivity, and adapt to evolving technologies, the need to revitalize legacy mainframe applications becomes critical.

Virtel Screen Redesigner (VSR) is a next generation 3270 application web UI creation and modernization solution. Built on the same technology as Virtel Web Access, VSR overcomes issues early generations of web UI development tools experienced and provides a faster, more cost-effective solution than rehosting, replacing, or reengineering mission-critical 3270 mainframe applications, according to the company.

The premise of VSR is simple: enable mainframe application developers/programmers, most familiar with the use of those systems, to quickly create a true web UI experience.

VSR features:

  • No web programming or web knowledge required (NO HTML, NO JavaScript, etc.)
  • An advanced, intuitive IDE intended for use by mainframe application programmers (e.g., easy drag and drop features)
  • Reusable templates to accelerate the speed of web UI creation by 5x-10x
  • Built-in TCP/IP encryption and IAM (Identify and Access Management) system integration
  • Ability to develop the web UI incrementally and automatically move between web UI screens and standard HTML5/JavaScript Virtel Web Access emulated screens

VSR is a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to modernize the user interface of their mainframe applications, creating visually engaging, intuitive, and user-friendly experiences, according to the company.

"Our customers have consistently told us about the difficulties they encounter when it comes to modernizing 3270 applications. Involving web developers in a CICS or IMS project is always a problem," said Alexandre Moulin, VP sales at Virtel.

VSR is available to all current Virtel Web Access customers for a small incremental licensing fee. For new customers, VSR will be licensed at an attractive 3-year term price, eliminating the large initial licensing fee so often found with other IBM zSystems vendors, according to the vendor.

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