Virtustream and SAP Deepen Partnership

Virtustream, an enterprise-class cloud company and a Dell Technologies business, is expanding its partnership with SAP, becoming one of the first global cloud providers to offer the SAP Data Hub solution on the cloud via Virtustream Enterprise Cloud.

Customers can now choose to deploy SAP Data Hub, which is a data operations management solution that enables data orchestration, pipelining, governance and agile sharing of all data across a connected data landscape, as an out-of-the-box solution.

From a single location, SAP Data Hub and Virtustream Enterprise Cloud allow customers to accelerate and expand the flow of data across their organization. Customers can get up and running quickly with a comprehensive solution that is installed, managed and maintained by Virtustream, giving IT teams more time to focus on solving strategic business problems.

Virtustream customers can leverage SAP Data Hub to build scalable, data-driven applications and services, bring them to market quickly, and have one location for data management and visibility.

Customers also receive the many benefits of Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, including:

  • A true enterprise-class cloud. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud is designed to run complex, mission-critical enterprise applications with a full suite of professional services. Virtustream offers high availability and performance speeds, backed by industry leading SLAs and integrated rigorous security.
  • A consumption-based pricing model based on actual consumption of cloud resources. Virtustream’s patented MicroVM cloud resource allocation and management technology allows fine-grained measurement of compute, memory, network and storage consumption. Customers only pay for the resources used, reducing inefficiencies and creating significant cost savings, while eliminating overhead from unused virtual machines.
  • Critical business systems are secure and protected by comprehensive IT security infrastructure. When combined with a wide range of industry-specific and government certifications, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud creates a trusted environment to run even the most sensitive enterprise data.
This joint partnership with SAP on SAP Data Hub represents a step forward for the hefty majority of customers who are continuously striving to drive ROI into their Big Data investments against SAP applications, said Michael Harding, senior director, product management at Virtustream.

"SAP Data Hub is intended to drive unprecedented scale into the traditionally manually intensive efforts of staging, cleansing, enriching, refining and integrating data assets into their Big Data solutions," Harding said. 'Effectively, SAP Data Hub enables customers the most important facet in their Big Data investments: trust. And with Virtustream as a trusted advisor for Enterprise SAP cloud customers, this SAP Data Hub partnership aligns closely to our strategy."

The joint partnership with SAP Data Hub is just further evidence of Virtustream’s focus on driving customer value against new and differentiating SAP capabilities, Harding explained. 

In the future Virtustream will continue to prioritize on enabling its SAP customer base, and the company sees many more technological and business transformation opportunities ahead in partnership with SAP. 

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