Vision Expands Global Business Continuity Services

Vision Solutions, a provider of information availability software and services, announced the release of Double-Take 6.0, a solution for application and data protection in virtual, cloud and physical computing environments. Double-Take 6.0 provides affordable real-time asynchronous data replication, enabling rapid recovery from system outages.

“Among the driving forces in today’s marketplace beyond the need for business continuity and disaster recovery is operational excellence,” Doug Piper, vice president of product strategy for Vision, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “Companies migrating data as part of any one of several initiatives for streamlining operations – such as consolidating data centers, moving to virtual machines and launching cloud pilots – will no longer tolerate downtime.”

Features include a pre-configured universal virtual recovery appliance provides options for extending virtualized environments, as well as replication in real-time instead of snapshots ensures uninterrupted availability and virtually eliminates data loss. A unified console provides a single window into the availability environment.

Double-Take 6.0 also offers point-in-time recovery for P2V environments, which enables operators to set up and manage scheduled VSS snapshots for protected environments across Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware platforms. In addition, Universal Virtual Recovery Appliance is a pre-configured virtual software appliance that automates the installation and configuration of availability environments.

“We designed Double-Take 6.0, with its single management console, platform independence and real-time replication to make avoiding downtime simple and fast,” Piper says. “Double-Take allows users to move data between physical, virtual and cloud environments at will. In fact, in a current project, one of our customers is using our solutions to consolidate 10,000 servers in more than a dozen data centers into just 4 data centers.”

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