Vision Solutions Acquires Double-Take Software

Vision Solutions, a provider of high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions in the IBM Power Systems markets, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Double-Take Software, Inc., a provider of recovery solutions for the Windows, Linux and cloud computing markets. The acquisition expands Vision Solutions' product offerings and distribution capabilities in the Windows and open systems markets, and strengthens its prominence throughout the information availability marketplace.

"This is an extremely important event for Vision, Double-Take and the clients we serve," says Vision Solutions' president and CEO Nicolaas Vlok. "Independently, each company has been a respected industry leader in its own information availability markets. Together, we are a global leader with the capability to serve companies - whatever the size, location or sector - with a competitive portfolio across major IT platforms. Among the many benefits for customers and partners is the ability to cross-pollinate ideas and technologies across our combined development and services teams."

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