Vision Solutions Automates Multi-Platform Data Sharing

Vision Solutions, Inc., a provider of protection and recovery solutions, has announced the release of an automated tool that enables real-time data sharing between disparate databases.  Double-Take Share version 5.1 provides enhanced support for Microsoft SQL Server, including support for Microsoft SQL  Server 2012, increased performance when running in IBM i and Teradata environments, and support for additional versions of z/OS. 

“Organizations of all sizes face the challenges of multiple databases, incompatible applications and disparate platforms,” Becky Hjellming, senior manager of product strategy with Vision Solutions, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “Double-Take Share enables you to easily share data between databases in real-time for business intelligence, application integration, database consolidation, database migration, or virtually any other data sharing need.”

Key features of Double-Take Share 5.1 include enhancements for IBM i that provide higher performance, enabling more transactions to be replicated with lower system resource utilization. Support has also been added for *MAXOPT3 (transformation server) receiver-size option for IBM i customers to lower their maintenance and operational overhead by allowing the receiver to be the reset less frequently. Additional performance and platform support enhancements have also been made to yield better replication performance in Teradata environments as well as support for IBM z/OS 1.12 and z/OS 1.13.

Enhancements for Microsoft SQL Server environments provide support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as both a source and target database, enabling users to move data to or from Microsoft’s flagship database management system. Replication of XML data is provided in homogeneous Microsoft SQL Server environments, even between different versions of SQL Server, and support for multiple metabases in SQL Server environments provides additional flexibility for organizations employing multiple data models. More information is available about Double-Take Share.