Visual i/o Announces Cloud-Based, Enterprise Class Business Analytics Solution

Visual i/o, a technology vendor that provides business analytics and and visualization software, has announced a cloud-based Software-as-Service (SaaS) solution that allows employees and managers throughout an enterprise to simultaneously access, visualize, analyze and collaborate with one another on essential data.

Visual i/o delivers an interactive data analysis experience that shortens the time normally required by business teams to analyze crucial company data for decision making. Visual i/o facilitates an ongoing dialog with data-to visually identify revealing statuses, trends, thresholds, and significance that are buried within large data sets and hard to find.

"The new BI solution from Visual i/o removes the report-review-report bottleneck," Angela Shen-Hsieh, co-founder of Visual i/o, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Conventional BI solutions are designed more for in-house analysts than they are for business management. Other BI systems were designed to let analysts create static reports that would then be shared with upper management. These systems lack the ability for a collection of designated people inside a building/elsewhere to interact with relevant data to experiment with and visualize different scenarios depending on variables. Visual i/o enables companies to accelerate and expand the way their decision makers can visualize essential elements of their operations, and dynamically interact with data and with each other. Delivering its solution though the cloud, Visual i/o helps expand the reach and extent of who accesses, contributes to, and benefits from business intelligence."

Visual i/o provides executives, managers, and analysts with an interactive visual analysis tool to view data across multiple dimensions, decision points and milestones per project with drill-down capabilities to provide a deeper understanding of the underlying data. Business users (i.e., managers) now have greater flexibility to easily generate data visualizations (e.g., scatterplots, gantt charts, and others) by various parameters, on an ad hoc basis, without having to go back to their in-house analysts to create reports.

Key features of the Visual i/o BI solution include cloud computing delivery for fast deployments, group collaboration capabilities that shorten the time it takes to analyze reports, enterprise-class data handling that delivers the capability to work with very large data sets required by enterprise class applications, intuitive user interfaces (e.g., gantt charts, bubble charts, heat maps), data controls and filters, and industry-specific templates.

Benefits of the Visual i/o solution, according to the vendor, include a shortened reporting/analysis cycle, a deeper understanding of complex data, more sophisticated and complex analyses, and an interactive visual format that is useable by managers, executives, and analysts. For more information about the Visual i/o BI solution, go here.