VoltDB Adds Geospatial Query Support

Today, modern applications are being relied upon to rapidly process interactions with mobile subscribers per second; determine when to make in-game offers to MMPG players; provide a range of data for broker-trader firms; serve the right ad, at the right time, to the right consumer; and make decisions at high speed for utilities determining electric-grid supply allocation and pricing. To better support modern, fast-moving data applications, VoltDB has announced that the newest release of its in-memory operational database adds geospatial support.

The combination of location data with high speed data in VoltDB version 6.0, the company says, will allow VoltDB to better support businesses that need to maximize the value of real-time data streams including location data to make personalized offers to customers and improve decision making.

Geospatial query support in VoltDB version 6.0 will help support applications that rely on location for social and commercial interactions, such as real-time ride-sharing, IoT sensor data management, digital ad delivery, content delivery, geofencing applications and social media monitoring.

In addition, version 6.0 offers Improved fast data ingestion to broaden support for the Hadoop ecosystem, including enhanced, built-in Kafka importers; improved Elasticsearch exporters to enable full-text searches on processed data in a VoltDB cluster;  cross data center “active/active” replication to improve availability  and DR while increasing application performance for geographically-distributed workloads; and faster deployment via improved management and usability with the VoltDB Management Center.

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