VoltDB Introduces Confluent-Certified Connector for Apache Kafka

VoltDB has partnered with Confluent and completed development and certification of its Sink Connector for Confluent Open Source, based on Apache Kafka, utilizing Kafka’s Connect API.  

VoltDB provides a SQL operational database that is purpose-built to run in-memory and used to build applications that process streaming data to enable users to make immediate, per-event, context-aware decisions.

Confluent, founded by the creators of open source Apache Kafka, provides a data streaming platform that helps enterprises to maximize the value of data.

The newly-certified VoltDB Sink Connector ingests data from Apache Kafka topics and streams it into VoltDB for real-time analytics and action on the data. By ingesting real-time data streams from Apache Kafka and providing a means for analysis and action on incoming data, VoltDB enables applications to make rapid decisions with full consistency to support high-value interactions with customers.

As a Confluent Partner Program member, VoltDB says it is providing its customers who are users of Apache Kafka and Confluent to develop data connectivity based on Kafka’s Connect API, and more easily build stream processing applications with the streams API in Kafka.

The ability to perform deep analytics on historical data and reduce the time to insights is changing how businesses make decisions, interact with their customers, and compete but, as more analytics are performed in real time, they must be integrated with applications to create value and action, according to Mike Pogany, vice president of strategic business development, VoltDB.  If an organization is able to act at the rate it is gaining insights, he said, opportunities are being missed..

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