VoltDB Releases Upgraded Version of its Platform

VoltDB is launching the latest version of its flagship solution, VoltDB v7.0, offering the flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on-premise.

This provides enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and developers with independent software vendors (ISVs) with a wide range of choices for their use of VoltDB, and future-proof capabilities to update or evolve their applications for rapidly-changing markets.

Additionally, VoltDB v7.0 will be available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) App Store.

The update includes increased scalability for managing transactions and generating analytics while ensuring high availability and strict data consistency.

Other benefits of the update include more power, data security for geographically-dispersed datacenters, and enhanced real-time analytics and streaming data support.

“VoltDB is empowering global enterprises to monetize data in milliseconds, and with v7.0, we are extending its power to more markets, with greater features and flexibility,” said John Piekos, vice president of engineering for VoltDB. “Our customers count on us to provide the platform they need to build and run 24x7, critical applications that require high transactional throughput and low latency.”

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