VoltDB Announces Next-Generation Velocity Database to Support Big Data Applications

VoltDB has announced the immediate availability of the newest version of its flagship offering, VoltDB 3.0. VoltDB is an in-memory relational database that aims to address a common problem for enterprises – the ability to build applications that can ingest, analyze and act on massive volumes of data fast enough to deliver business value.

“VoltDB was built to accommodate the velocity elements of the big data universe,” Bruce Reading, CEO and president of VoltDB, tells 5 Minute Briefing. According to Reading, for big data to achieve its full value, developers must be able to solve the data velocity problem.

“No longer is it sufficient to look at trends from the recent past, now it has to be done in real time, so daily-, monthly- and annually-derived business intelligence can influence decisions in real time,” adds Scott Jarr, VoltDB co founder and chief strategy officer. Purpose-built for high velocity big data applications, VoltDB enables real-time visibility into the data that drives business value. Key application areas include telecommunications, capital markets, digital marketing and gaming where data speed is critical. The company says that in just over a year commercial availability, VoltDB has been deployed by almost 200 customers.

Among the enhancements in the new release, VoltDB 3.0 makes it easier to build VoltDB applications with features such as JSON support for flexible development methodologies and expanded SQL support to simplify complex, data velocity application development.  For greater reach across developers and applications, the new release increases the ability to run effectively in a cloud infrastructure, and makes it easier and more resilient to varying infrastructures within the cloud.

In addition, ad hoc SQL performance improvements allow for greater application flexibility in the use of ad hoc SQL, and latency has been brought down on transactions to sub-millisecond latency for more predictability in high-velocity situations where it is of paramount concern.

Understanding that data also moves in other systems, the new release enhances extensibility to integrate with a customer’s existing data infrastructure. The new release provides a 20x improvement in export speed, integration with IBM Netezza and HP Vertica, as well as a generic JDBC connector.

According to Jarr, 3.0 represents is a departure from earlier releases when the company was determining where VoltDB would bring the most value to organizations. Instead, he notes, “The 3.0 release is really rounding out the product to go deeper into organizations, solve more problems, open it up to a broader range of users within those organizations, and become more integrated in their ecosystems.”

VoltDB 3.0 is available for immediate download at Information about additional new features can be found at