VoltDB Announces Version 5.0 of In-Memory, Scale-Out Database

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand so too does the amount of real time data that presents itself to organizations. This has led them to seek interactive applications that allow them to capture all of this valuable data. Responding to the increasing demand, VoltDB, which provides an in-memory, scale-out SQL database, is releasing version 5.0 of its software.

With the continued adoption of Hadoop in the industry, version 5.0 includes increased support for the Hadoop ecosystem. Version 5.0 also includes expanded SQL support and a new management center.

VoltDB developer John Hugg created a sample app that is able to track the unique number of mobile devices that are accessing an application. According to the vendor, what makes this especially impressive is that Hugg used only 30 lines of code. A traditional Lambda architecture would need thousands of lines of code. This allows for VoltDB to be more cost-efficient and flexible when it comes to updates as the business requirements change.

“Developers are in need of better tools with which to develop fast data streaming applications with real-time analytics and decision making across industries,” said Bruce Reading, president and CEO of VoltDB. “As the popularity and adoption for Hadoop continues to surge, there is an increased need for integration between fast and big data so developers can focus on the applications and not the infrastructure. Version 5.0 meets that demand.”

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