VoltDB Extends Open Source Capabilities for Development of Real-Time Applications

VoltDB, provider of an in-memory translytical database, is expanding its open source licensing to enable developers to more easily build, test and deploy real-time applications with the VoltDB data platform. Developers can now access the VoltDB platform with no additional fees, reducing the cost of application development and accelerating the testing and deployment of more advanced database capabilities in production environments.

According to VoltDB, when choosing technology for their environments, enterprises are increasingly going with an open source first and only policy. VoltDB is embracing this trend by making its open source version more feature-rich while continuing to offer a fully featured enterprise edition.

With this announcement VoltDB is moving some of the functionality from the enterprise edition into the community edition, specifically around operational features.

In the past, VoltDB has offered about 70% of its functionality in the open source community edition but not some of the critical things that customers are looking for, explained Madhup Mishra, head of product management, VoltDB. “What we are trying to do is double down on making our open source community version very compelling for developers at large to build applications on top of.” 

VoltDB has also refreshed its website, making it easier for developers to download the community version, said Mishra. “We want to remove friction for developers and make it easier to develop applications.”

The goal, he said, is to lower the barriers to entry and put the power back in the hands of developers by extending VoltDB’s open source licenses to enable faster development, testing, and deployment.

VoltDB’s enhanced open source features include real-time snapshots to ensure no data is lost during development and testing; advanced clustering technology enabling multiple data copies; exporters to take data out and into another analytical database; manual scale-out on commodity servers; and the VoltDB Management Console.

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Posted September 29, 2017