VoltDB Introduces Smart Streaming Architecture for the Connected World

VoltDB has announced a Smart Stream Processing Architecture to help organizations take advantage of the 5G revolution.

According to VoltDB, 5G will only increase the data volume and speed requirements that are already putting pressure on traditional data architectures.  While current data streaming architectures are usually sufficient to act as processing pipelines, they do not meet the needs of mission critical applications which are underscored by the low latency and responsive multi-step decisions.

VoltDB’s new Smart Stream Processing Architecture significantly simplifies the data processing architecture by reducing the three disparate functions for ingestion, processing and storage down to a single unified layer, with fully ACID serializable transactions.

Decreasing latency and architecture complexity will help organizations to deliver value more quickly and intelligently by analyzing and acting on incoming data to drive better monetization of their real-time data which is being accelerated by 5G, AI, and machine learning trends, the company says. 

Unlike existing solutions,  the company says, its Smart Streaming Architecture also provides accurate contextual state and embedded machine learning without sacrificing scale, performance or accuracy across multiple streams of data.

“Fast streaming data needs to apply machine learning insights with higher agility for mission critical applications. These applications demand lower latencies that have created a confluence of forces that render the existing data processing options insufficient,” said David Flower, CEO of VoltDB. “Stitching together point solutions will not suffice anymore. Organizations require a data processing platform that is forged together to address all fast data needs. VoltDB delivers a unique and unified platform that enables enterprises to extract maximum value from their streaming data.”

VoltDB v9.0 is now available.