VoltDB Releases Version 4.0 of Flagship Database

VoltDB announced the latest release of its flagship product which combines a high-speed operational database with in-memory analytics. VoltDB 4.0 features a ten-fold throughput improvement of analytic queries and is capable of writes and reads on millions of data events per second, the vendor says.

According to VoltDB, there is a wealth of data available to organizations today that can provide actionable intelligence about customer and market behavior, website interactions, service performance but this data often goes untapped because organizations don’t have the tools to perform real-time analytics on fast-moving data.

Addressing the need to take advantage of data when it arrives, VoltDB says its product is purpose-built to enable applications such as telecommunications billing, gaming, sensor management, smart energy and capital markets to both interact in real-time and provide in-memory analytics.

Additional features and benefits include large-scale concurrent, multiuser access to data, the ability to factor current data into analytics, enhanced SQL support, a new “elastic cluster” capability that allows for the addition of nodes to a running cluster, expanded integrations, and a new MySQL migration tool called Voltify.