VoltDB Speeds Up Applications With IBM Cloud on Softlayer

VoltDB, provider of an in-memory NewSQL database, is now participating in the IBM Cloud Marketplace, which combines IBM’s capabilities-as-a-service and those of partners and third-party vendors. The vendors say that VoltDB running on SoftLayer infrastructure and part of the IBM Cloud provides the performance of bare metal and the Fast Data processing capabilities needed to analyze and make immediate transactional decisions with a single familiar tool. 

The combination of technologies is aimed at helping organizations to develop and deploy next generation real-time applications, such as those for gaming, sensor management, smart energy, digital marketing, capital markets and distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation. 

“The recent entry of so many tools addressing fast data speaks clearly to the processing problems data-driven businesses face,” said Scott Jarr, co-founder and chief strategy officer, VoltDB. “The true value of fast data can only be tapped when interaction with each event is informed by historical data and greater context.” 

According to VoltDB, utilizing its NewSQL in-memory database, organizations can expect up to five times faster application performance for Fast Data analysis on the SoftLayer cloud platform from IBM than on Amazon Web Services. VoltDB said it has tested a nine node cluster on SoftLayer infrastructure. The bare metal benchmark was run on commodity servers using dual Intel E5-2690v2 processors on SuperMicro X9DRI with 64GB and 10GbE running 64bit CentOS 6.5. VoltDB was directly installed after provisioning; the only additional requirement was to install a JAVA virtual machine.

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