VoltDB Uses Progress DataDirect to Improve Customer Access to Fast-Moving Data

VoltDB has selected the Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK to increase access to business intelligence tools that allow VoltDB customers to visualize and access fast-moving data.

In addition to high-write workloads and per-event decisioning, customers of VoltDB which offers an in-memory operational database, want to visualize and access fast-moving data through standard analytics and BI solutions.

“They want to do dashboards on top of this fast-moving data,"  said John Piekos, vice president of engineering for VoltDB. "We provide a JDBC interface but we also found we needed to provide ODBC access as well so we could leverage the last 30 years of ODBC reporting and BI tools.” 

VoltDB’s new ODBC driver provides connectivity to data through standard analytics and BI solutions such as Tableau and MicroStrategy.

To enable that connectivity, VoltDB developed its new ODBC driver using the Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK.  The DataDirect platform allows any data source SQL to be accessible via common standards such as ODBC, JDBC and ADO.Net and enables developers to rapidly implement data-source specific code.

“What we are seeing now is a move towards real time,” said Piekos. “Now, you can capture the real-time analytics of what happened in the last minute, what happened in the last 5 minutes, what happened in the last 5 seconds, and that allows you to make quick business decisions.”

Developers building applications and diving into real-time analytics will benefit from this partnership, according to the company. And, beyond developers, once the system is deployed, end users will be able to extract additional value and metrics from a VoltDB system, Piekos said.  “It really gives you the ability to customize the reporting and dash boarding on top of fast data.”

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