Voltage Security Partners with Informatica on Data Masking Security Platform

Voltage Security, a provider of encryption and key management solutions, has announced a partnership with data integration software provider Informatica to deliver seamless integration of Voltage’s data-centric security platform Voltage SecureData with Informatica’s data masking software. The integration is aimed at providing protection across the entire application development lifecycle, from creation to production to application retirement. The solution is expected to lower the cost of protecting data in production and non-production environments through a combination of encryption, tokenization and masking capabilities.

“We have had a longstanding technical integration with Informatica. We have worked with their ETL toolset for at least 4 years on some very large accounts,” Jeremy Stieglitz, vice president of business development at Voltage Security, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  This partnership is an extension of what the companies have been doing at a technical level, as Informatica grows its data masking portfolio, he notes.

The Informatica Data Privacy solutions enable organizations to define global policies in the heterogeneous data center leveraging built-in industry, regulatory and application templates. Sensitive data is then discovered, identified, and masked or protected with the appropriate data security technology — complete with full monitoring and auditability.

By combining Informatica’s platform for data masking and test data management and Voltage’s capabilities in a data-centric model, supported through NIST-certified format-preserving encryption, customers’ sensitive data is protected in its identical structure required for production and non-production use. “We are known as the inventors of format-preserving encryption and that is part and parcel of why Informatica is working with us. Format-preserving encryption solves some unique challenges in masking that you can’t do any other way,” Stieglitz says. This includes the ability to reverse masked data and the ability to guarantee referential integrity of data.

Whether customers need to mask data across multiple platforms, in public and private clouds, or integrate big data projects and operational business applications, the companies say that Voltage’s encryption capabilities combined with Informatica’s Data Masking capabilities ensure that, even if data is compromised, the value of the data is protected against any malicious or incidental breach, representing a major step forward in reducing the risks of a data breach.

According to Stieglitz, Voltage emerged as a spinout of Stanford and one of its founders leads the applied cryptography group there. “Our roots are deep and technical in encryption and cryptographic technology so we have a number of unique innovations around identity-based encryption, format-preserving encryption, integrated page encryption and stateless tokenization,” he notes. “We utilize these so that customers can do data-centric protection.”

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