Vormetric Encryption Adds Support for Intel AES-NI Acceleration Technology

Vormetric, Inc., provider of enterprise encryption and key management, has announced that Vormetric Encryption now supports Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI) on-chip technology for accelerated encryption/decryption tasks. Intel AES-NI offers improved data security at faster speeds and lower costs, allowing enterprises to pervasively encrypt larger data volumes and a greater number of applications.

Vormetric Encryption protects both structured and unstructured data across all leading database platforms and operating systems, including Sybase ASE, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MySQL and others running on Linux and Microsoft Windows. With support for Intel AES-NI, the company says the product demonstrates less than 2% performance overhead on transactional workloads. "The cost of encryption in terms of CPU utilization is marginal to none," explains Ashvin Kamaraju, Vortmetric's vice president of product development.  "It really changes the game in the enterprise from a price/performance metric." Additionally, Vormetric Encryption can be implemented in mixed environments that maintain servers with and without Intel AES-NI.

The latest offering from Vormetric also includes a new capability in key management called the Key Vault. This allows customers to vault all of their enterprise keys, providing inventory and asset management, tracking, notification, and reporting. "Customers are concerned not only with security but operational efficiency, so that they can have one uniform solution across the enterprise with consistent security posture and reporting, and as a result minimize costs and improve their security," says Todd Thiemann, senior director for product marketing at Vormetric. With support for Intel AES-NI technology, Vormetric is now able to encrypt data more effectively, in larger volumes, and in more applications

Vormetric Encryption with Intel AES-NI technology is available now. Learn more at