Vormetric Partners with Hortonworks to Protect Enterprise Hadoop Big Data Environments

Vormetric is joining the Hortonworks Technology partner program, promising users a comprehensive enterprise solution that is made for big data environments and optimizes performance.

The advantage for the customers is that they will be able to use the Vormetric solution across their entire infrastructure, said Ashvin Kamaraju, vice president of product development and partner management at Vormetric. “What our customers like is for us to be the provider of all the data security solutions across their entire enterprise.”

This partnership certifies Vormetric as YARN ready for the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

Vormetric enables application developers to encrypt sensitive data in order to have final granularity of security, Kamaraju said. “We offer our portfolio of solutions in the data security and protections space across a diverse set of applications for Hadoop.”

The Vormetric Data Security Platform centralizes data access policies and key management to protect the entire big data environment, including structured and unstructured data sources, and will now work on the Hortonworks Data Platform and use the output analytics from big data applications.

This partnership allows Vormetric’s Transparent Encryption, Application Encryption, and Tokenization solutions to enable organizations to safely use sensitive data within the Hortonworks platform with protection for data stores at the file system level, as well as within the data store at the field or column level.

Vormetric Transparent Encryption provides data encryption at the file or volume level without modification of existing infrastructure or applications and at hardware encryption enabled speeds. The solution includes access controls to encrypted data and security intelligence information that can help organizations identify malicious attacks on sensitive data.

Vormetric Application Encryption enables developers to easily build encryption for individual fields (such as social security numbers, passwords, addresses and phone numbers) that are not critical to analysis but are a required component of reports and output.

Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking entirely removes sensitive data from the data lake, replacing it with tokens that represent the original information, and removing the need for expensive audits of Hortonworks’ implementations.

“We are looking forward to working together collaboratively on the data security aspects for Hadoop and we’re going to build upon this partnership and be able to offer more to our customers,” Kamaraju said.

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