Vormetric Reveals New Security and Analytics Platform

Vormetric, a Thales company, is releasing a new platform called Thales Orchestrator, to help reduce the cost of protecting data at rest across organizations.

Thales Orchestrator’s features include live data transformation, key management-as-a-service, Bring Your Own (encryption) Key management for AWS with Thales HSMs, vaultless tokenization, and Docker Encryption and Access Controls. Docker data-at-rest encryption and access controls that help to assure container images and file systems are controlled and secure.

“The Orchestrator offering is really to help simplify this process, if you’re going to go really big or if you’ve got a more heterogeneous type of environment you can automate a lot of those activities,” said Derek Tumulak, vice president of product management.

The solution aims to reduce the cost of using and maintaining Vormetric products with automation of deployment, configuration and maintenance at scale and across enterprise internal, hybrid and cloud environments.

Orchestrator includes a pre-built connection to Chef, a configuration and automation tool widely used in cloud and enterprise environments. In addition, RESTful APIs enable existing and evolving enterprise and cloud IT automation systems to integrate with Orchestrator.

Large enterprises such as government agencies, banks, and big cloud deployments, along with security and applications teams, will benefit the most from this, according to Tumulak.

“If you’re really trying to go broadly across an organization, those are the users that are really going to benefit from this capability,” Tumulak said.

Plans for the future include adding more capabilities to the platform along with offering a broad array of products.

“This is step one of many,” Tumulak said, noting that Vormetric is starting with transparent encryption because that is an area customers are most concerned about.

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