Vormetric Streamlines Encryption Deployment

Vormetric, a provider of data security solutions, has introduced new security solutions for the Vormetric Data Security Platform that expand the supported data-at-rest security use cases and simplify the operations of deploying encryption.

According to Vormetric, a primary challenge for organizations implementing and managing encryption for data-at-rest is to transform clear-text to cypher-text, or to rekey existing encrypted data, without causing downtime.

Vormetric Live Data Transformation aims to alleviate this problem by performing initial encryption and rekey operations without planned downtime for applications or services.

In addition the company has made additional enhancements to the Vormetric Data Security Platform - Caringo support for the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway and Vaultless Tokenization.

In the past, complex encryption deployments often impacted application availability, with extended downtime required for initial encryption and rekeying data sets.  Live Data Transformation is designed to address this problem by encrypting datasets while the applications using them are online. The solution minimizes disruption to applications and business processes by eliminating the complex operational problems surrounding initial downtime and key maintenance. 

According to Vormetric, Live Data Transformation drives security, compliance and business flexibility, protecting data without getting in the way of business or slowing it down:

“Organizations need data security solutions that don’t slow down their business, and provide state-of-the-art protection,” said Vormetric CEO Alan Kessler. “Encryption and access controls that deploy without taking applications off-line, or requiring extensive downtime for key maintenance, are a huge benefit to organizations that need to keep data safe.”

Vormetric Tokenization provides easy to use format-preserving tokenization that can protect sensitive fields in databases as well as big data environments, and that can also limit who can see sensitive data sets. It enables enterprises to save money and time by reducing sensitive information sprawl, removing servers and applications from the scope of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) audits and only exposing sensitive healthcare or other personal information when needed. This existing solution requires a token vault that stores sensitive data in a secure environment separate from production implementations and databases.

Vaultless Tokenization provides all of the benefits of Vormetric Tokenization, but without the requirement for a token vault, effectively reducing deployment and maintenance overhead while enhancing performance. 

Vormetric’s Cloud Encryption Gateway provides encryption, key management, and access controls for data in cloud storage environments, helping enterprises secure sensitive data residing in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3), Box and - now also in Caringo 9 (software-defined object storage software) environments with encryption, key management, and access controls. 

Live Data Transformation is available for demonstration. Vaultless Tokenization is available in Q2 2016, and Caringo for Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway in Q1 2016.

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