Vormetric Streamlines Enterprise Encryption Key Management

Vormetric, Inc., a provider of enterprise systems encryption and key management solutions, has introduced Vormetric Key Management, a single solution for central control of encryption keys on an enterprise scale. For organizations with heterogeneous database platforms and an increasing number of encryption keys from disparate encryption systems, Vormetric reduces administration costs and security risks. Currently available to beta users, Vormetric Key Management will be generally available in March 2012.

"Enterprises today are encountering significant issues and challenges around encryption key management," Todd Thiemann, senior director of product marketing at Vormetric, tells 5 Minute Briefing. It can be messy and complex, there are also all sorts of silos of encryption, and managing those various silos is quite a burden, he notes. In addition, he says, there can be poor security, and availability of keys can be dodgy, and if the encryption keys are not available, the underlying data would not be available.

The new solution extends existing key management technology used in Vormetric Data Security to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) systems, and custom applications with built-in encryption. It provides encryption key lifecycle management and enables centralized management of millions of encryption keys and policies. Offered as a hardware security module appliance that can secure all keys to ensure they are not lost or compromised, Vormetric Key Management is comprised of three elements:

  • Vormetric Data Security Manager - an HSM appliance that provides centralized key and policy management. It features an intuitive web based management console for enterprise-wide data security administration, policy management and audit of encryption keys. 
  • Vormetric Key Agents - that integrate with Oracle TDE and Microsoft SQL Server TDE and communicate with the Vormetric Data Security Manager to provide life cycle management for Master Encryption Keys. 
  • Vormetric Key Vault - which provides FIPS-certified, high availability storage and backup of symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys of any strength, and tracks expiration dates. 

Providing a single point of administration Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Vormetric Encryption, IBM Encryption Expert and custom applications, Thiemann says the new solution should reduce the burden for enterprises so they can spend less time managing encryption keys, and should also reduce IT administration costs,  improve security and centralize auditing for regulatory compliance reporting.

Vormetric Key Management supports the following the PKCS#11, EKM, and KMIP industry standards. For more information, visit To join the Vormetric beta program, organizations should send an email to