Vormetric Works with Salesforce on Key Management Program for Enriched Security

Vormetric, a provider of data security solutions spanning physical, virtual and cloud environments, is partnering with Salesforce on a pilot program to offer Key Management-as-a-Service (KMaaS) for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption.

Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption enables enterprises using Salesforce to natively encrypt data at rest across their Salesforce apps without compromise to business functionality.

Vormetric Key Management-as-a-Service for Salesforce adds controls that enable organizations to help meet compliance and best-practice requirements by storing, managing, and maintaining tenant secrets used to derive encryption keys within a secure Vormetric-hosted environment. 

“Vormetric prides and differentiates itself by making key management as secure and easy as possible,” said Charles Goldberg, senior director of product marketing at Vormetric. “Being invited by Salesforce to participate as part of this ‘Bring Your Own Key’ pilot is really great recognition of our outstanding history and it’s a terrific opportunity to take key management to a new level.”

The two companies will integrate, with Vormetric’s KMaaS, enabling organizations to easily meet encryption and management requirements, while making use of Salesforce’s SaaS-based platform to eliminate the need to deploy, maintain, and resource encryption key management tasks.

“Now a customer can create a key, upload that key, and manage that key separately from their encrypted Salesforce data,” Goldberg said.

According to Goldberg, the platform will allow users to create a secure certificate which can then be synced to the Vormetric Key Management-as-a-Service. Vormetric then creates a “tenant secret” which can then be associated to a Salesforce organization/group, which has different encryption keys that can be managed separately. Vormetric encrypts the information and then securely uploads it into Salesforce. Salesforce uses this to generate a final encryption key that can secure that data.

Users can tap into a portal where they can see all their keys and manage what lifecycle they are in, Goldberg said.

Enterprises in highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and life sciences will benefit the most from this, according to Goldberg.

Looking to the future, Vormetric is currently fielding calls from partners and new prospects about how it can help its customers manage their keys for encryption services using the Key Management-as-a-Service.

“We see this as not just an opportunity for Vormetric to offer Salesforce Key Management with our Key Management-as-a-Service but for many other cloud providers who offer encryption services,” Goldberg said.

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