WDS Beefs Up Toolset With Network Management Utilities

William Data Systems, a provider of network management solutions for System z systems, announced that its ZEN Rexx, formerly available with ZEN's AUTOMATION component, has now been made available at no additional cost to all WDS customers via the base ZEN component.

ZEN’s Rexx support consists of three offerings: a ZEN Rexx Interface, a ZEN Rexx Function Pack, and a command interface. The ZEN Rexx Interface provides support for running Rexx programs under ZEN in a similar way to running Rexx programs under TSO or Netview. ZEN Rexx programs can also be run using a Modify (F) command from the MVS console. Under ZEN, Rexx programs can be run from the ZEN Profile at initialization time, from the Command Facility and System Log panels or from a user-defined ZEN menu item.

The ZEN Rexx Function Pack provides extensions to standard Rexx through which data center administrators can communicate directly with ZEN. The Command Interface enables users to issue commands from your ZEN Rexx programs and get any responses back. This means that commands provided by WDS ZEN components can be issued from a ZEN Rexx program, as well as any MVS, VTAM or other product command, the vendor said.

Further details are available at the WDS website.