WFT Introduces New Services Supporting SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration

SAP partner Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT), a professional IT services consulting firm specializing in cloud system infrastructure integration and operational management services for enterprise customers, has announced new implementation services for high-availability and disaster-recovery capabilities for SAP HANA tailored data center integration.

WFT delivers skills and implementation services taking advantage of the functionality in native, built-in high-availability and disaster-recovery capabilities in SAP HANA. It also leverages best practices from certified storage vendors delivering high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions.

WFT which was among the first providers of cloud services for SAP solutions in United States, and has specialists who are certified in SAP HANA technology, in performing installations, and helping customers by designing and deploying high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions for SAP HANA tailored data center integration. The latest service enhancements from WFT involve integration of storage mirroring technology to provide Disaster-Recovery capabilities to clusters running SAP HANA.

“Customers often have varying hardware and software. WFT provides key services and implementation expertise to design and deploy robust high-availability and disaster-recovery solutions that leverage their current investments for their specific needs, which helps reduce CapEx, OpEx,” said Mahesh Reddy, CTO of Wharfedale Technologies. “This allows customers to reuse existing hardware as well as take advantage of current operational management processes.”

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