WSO2 Launches Enterprise API 'App Store' Platform

WSO2, an enterprise middleware provider, says it has launched a platform built to enable the development of an enterprise app store for delivery of application programming interfaces (APIs).

The new product, WSO2 App Factory, is designed to provide cloud delivery through a shared, self-service, multi-tenant and elastic enterprise DevOps platform. The goal is for teams to be able to collaboratively create, develop and deploy enterprise applications into cloud environments, without the necessity of server provisioning. The platform also includes lifecycle management and governance to ensure compliance with IT, corporate and government policies.

“Too often, enterprise agility is stalled by a proliferation of stovepipe deployments and shadow IT projects that are disconnected from enterprises’ strategic initiatives,” says Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder and CEO. “WSO2 App Factory removes those barriers by providing an open cloud-based platform for development collaboration backed by robust governance. Through WSO2 App Factory, enterprises now can extend their business capabilities across a connected ecosystem of internal teams, suppliers, channel partners, distributors and customers—while lowering the costs of integration and interaction.”

WSO2 App Factory enables the integration of popular software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools, such as Apache Subversion (SVN), Git, Jenkins, Maven, Redmine, Clover, FindBugs and JUnit. WSO2 App Factory is equipped with a complete software development lifecycle tool chain and PaaS capabilities that aim to address many aspects of the application management process. It provides teams with a unified, controlled platform to manage this complex set of tasks across cloud portals for development, testing, production, and continuous builds in order to provision quality assurance environments, run continuous integration tests, and continuously promote and deploy software assets across development life cycle environments and production. With WSO2 App Factory, developers can easily create and administer projects, automatically build applications, and continuously deliver applications.

More information is available from WSO2.