Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager Gives Companies an Affordable Way to Escape Vendor Lock-In

Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company, is releasing Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager, a high performing cloud migration tool that allows businesses globally to move their data out of expensive hyperscale cloud environments to Wasabi without egress fees or downtime.

The solution also delivers seamless replication and synchronization of data between different Wasabi regions to reduce latency, meet compliance requirements, and foster best practices for data backup and recovery, according to the vendor.

“Wasabi’s singular focus is to deliver the best cloud storage in the world, and Cloud Sync Manager marks the next step in our mission,” said David Boland, vice president of cloud strategy at Wasabi Technologies. “Companies in the past may have wanted to leave their cloud provider, but couldn't afford to. Now, Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager allows customers to switch to the more affordable and higher performing Wasabi hot cloud storage for just pennies per GB, depending on the data source and geographical region, and start saving money immediately.”

Customers will benefit from the flexibility of shifting data between clouds at any time, the ability to protect copies of data in different regions while increasing their cloud data performance and response time and reducing overall storage costs, according to the company.

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager bypasses the high costs and technical hurdles associated with cloud-to-cloud migration.

It uses private network connections to migrate data from AWS, Azure, GCP, and other S3 compliant storage directly to Wasabi.

This reduces egress costs from those providers, avoids internet latency and bottlenecks, and provides fast and predictable performance that lets users rapidly move massive datasets.

Data is transferred with no downtime, enabling customers to continue putting data into their original cloud quickly, and without stopping the data transfer.

Meanwhile, the bucket replication feature allows customers to copy objects from a storage bucket in a specific Wasabi region to a different bucket in another Wasabi storage region. This is ideal for adding an extra layer of data protection, meeting compliance and sovereignty requirements, or minimizing latency.

Wasabi Cloud Sync Manager helps users take advantage of lower cost storage as quickly as possible and start saving money right away.

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