Waterline Data Boosts Smart Data Catalogue Platform

Waterline Data, the Smart Data Catalog company, is releasing an enhanced version of its Smart Data Catalog, allowing users to gain easier self-service access to trusted, high quality data for faster discovery, understanding, use and governance.

Smart Data Catalog 3.0 includes data browsing by business category, integration with the Cloudera Navigator and Hortonworks Atlas data governance frameworks, and universal integration with analytics, visualization, and more.

“It has both automation as well as a way to capture tribal data knowledge and share it but the goal is to accelerate time to value in building this catalogue in the first place and then sharing that information through Navigator or Hortonworks Atlas,” said Oliver Claude, Waterline Data’s CMO.

The platform gives users a complete end to end view of data linage which is important for people who need to understand where things came from, Claude explained.

The solution also builds upon the notion of accelerating time to value for business analysts or data scientists.

Both of those users will benefit the most from this updated platform, according to Claude.

“We also allow people who are subject matter experts or data stewards to manually tag fields as well if they want to enrich what we can capture automatically and then we can learn from that and propagate those tasks to similar files and fields in the data lake,” Claude said.

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