Waterline Data Releases Platform to Help with GDPR Compliance

Waterline Data, a provider of data cataloging solutions and applications, is releasing the Waterline Metadata Discovery Platform, designed to help the petabyte enterprise accelerate the discovery, governance, and use of big data.

Based on advanced data virtualization technology, the new solution serves as a platform for multiple applications, from data cataloging for analytics to the newly launched GDPR compliance application.

The Waterline Metadata Discovery Platform was designed to resolve the challenges of high volume and dissimilar data by creating a real-time, virtual view of the enterprise's entire data estate as new data pours in.

Waterline's new platform is able to power a host of applications and use cases. The Smart Data Catalog provides an easy to use "shop for data" interface to the enterprise's data estate to help business analysts find the data sets they need for self-service analytics without having to rely on IT.

Waterline's GDPR Application, a new app specifically built for the platform and available now, provides the Data Privacy Officer (DPO) and data stewards with deep-level assistance in complying with GDPR and other regulations by automatically identifying regulated subject data along with its contextual use and lineage.

In addition to enabling integrated access control mechanisms that render data compliant at scale, the GDPR Application can quickly generate highly complex GDPR compliance reports and workflows that align with specific GDPR articles to immediately satisfy auditor requests.

"With this discovery platform, we are uniquely enabling customers to analyze and classify high volumes of complex data and leverage the results across many different applications," said Alex Gorelik, Waterline Data CEO. "The Waterline Smart Data Catalog and GDPR Application, which address two of today's most critical use cases, will be followed by additional applications in the upcoming months. Altogether, our new platform and growing suite of apps can connect the right people to the right data by giving anyone—data privacy officers, data engineers, data scientists and business analysts—self-service access to trusted, high quality data that's fully governed and GDPR-compliant."

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