Waterline Data Taps into AI to Introduce Fingerprinting Technology with Latest Update

Waterline Data, a provider of data cataloging solutions and applications, is releasing the latest version of the Waterline Data AI-driven Data Catalog (AIDC).

Leveraging Waterline’s newly-patented Fingerprinting technology, AIDC 5.0 adds to Waterline’s ability to catalog individual data items, automatically and at scale, by now allowing organizations to work with related datasets across the enterprise for far deeper and cleaner insights for analytics than any other catalog can provide.

AIDC 5.0’s new features include:

  • Data Objects: AIDC 5.0 allows business analysts to create a combined data asset by pulling data from different systems and formats and publishing those as reusable Data Objects.       
  • Data Rationalization Dashboard: The new rationalization dashboard allows organizations to eliminate clutter in cloud migrations and identify potential security/privacy risks for cleaner searches and a healthier data estate. The dashboard identifies redundant data to help guide users to the approved master version.
  • Business Rules Engine: AIDC 5.0’s patented Fingerprinting technology creates a secure and consistent logical view of enterprise data assets. Business rules leverage this view to help data stewards create consistent data governance rules that can be applied to all data assets regardless of platform, format or schema naming conventions.
  • Role Based Catalog: As catalogs get adopted by broader enterprise, AIDC 5.0 is providing support for role based cataloging by helping enterprises assign business context for data assets by using a combination of custom properties and tags, which customers can use to create different customizable views and perspectives of the data for different teams and roles.

The power of the Waterline Data AI-driven Data Catalog and its latest 5.0 features is in its Fingerprinting method, driven by AI-based, machine-learning technology that analyzes thousands of points per field in each dataset.

“Waterline Data’s AI-driven Data Catalog 5.0 is the latest in a long line of data cataloging innovations,” said Kailash Ambwani, Waterline Data CEO. “We are now continuing our tradition of innovation by being the first to introduce modern day rationalization, data objects, and the rule-based engine for compliance, data quality, and tagging that bring the power of data cataloging to even greater heights.”

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