WaveMaker Enhances its Platform with a Completely Redesigned User Friendly Interface

WaveMaker, Inc., a provider of Rapid Application Development (RAD) Platform software, is upgrading its platform, completely revamping its user interface.

WaveMaker 9 focuses on providing a simplified and friendly first-time user experience, now offering video tutorials and tool run-throughs that can onboard fellow/partner developers to give them a clearer picture about the functions of all the components of the platform.

Also, WaveMaker now integrates guiding documents into the product itself, making it easier for users to consult the documentation rapidly and seamlessly. The true potential of the platform is revealed through this integration.

The enhanced WaveMaker 9 UI is clutter-free, allowing users to focus better on developing apps using the RAD platform. A bolstered UI delivers a powerful but highly simplified user experience and engagement.

Additionally, WaveMaker’s latest version offers a much simpler OAuth 2.0 integration, which does not require writing a single line of code. Prefab integration has been upgraded in the release, so that new integrations can be added seamlessly to the platform without the need for an update. Prefabs are small, independent microapps that users can stack up to develop apps, and also test and deploy them. 

In future releases, WaveMaker plans to introduce more integrations and partnerships that result in release automation and, in turn, business agility.

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