WaveMaker and SpotCues Integration Helps Micro-Application Development

WaveMaker, an enterprise low-code platform, is entering its next phase of integration with SpotCues to provide customers with a seamless application delivery mechanism for mobile applications.

“Enterprises are struggling to deliver against their mobile initiatives due to the complexity of developing and delivering cross platform mobile applications at scale,” said Deepak Anupalli, co-founder and VP products, WaveMaker. “In addition, enterprise IT teams are challenged with the number of apps they are required to develop and manage and additionally enterprise users are currently forced to switch between these apps, signing in multiple times and leading to poor experience and loss of productivity.”

The integration of WaveMaker and SpotCues addresses all these challenges, leveraging WaveMaker’s low-code approach to developing cross platform micro-applications and a single distribution channel for all apps through SpotCues’ ‘mobile container’ concept.

Micro-apps are purpose-built apps with a simplified experience to perform user tasks or workflows through various systems within an enterprise.

All micro-apps developed using the WaveMaker low-code platform can be automatically bundled within a single enterprise-branded SpotCues app along with an integrated sign-in experience. This approach dramatically reduces the time to develop new apps and significantly improves user experience.

To enable this approach, WaveMaker customized its existing visual - WYSWYG interface to extend support for development of micro-apps and ‘1-Click publish’ experience to instantly push the micro-apps to users without an app store for publishing or approval.

With this integration in place, WaveMaker enables customers to:

  • Rapidly develop micro-applications on top of any enterprise system and instantly publish each app to users in real time without App Store approval.
  • Distribute and provide a single point of access for all micro-apps from within a single application using Single Sign-On and facilitate analytics on adoption and usage of enterprise applications.
  • Group together Contextual micro-apps based on role, department, location, etc and enable a Google-like search experience for enterprise apps to conduct quick searches.
  • Instantly get a Pre-Built suite of ‘ready-to-consume’ micro-apps for different Industry verticals and foster real collaboration while using the apps, with Pre-built suite of communication and messaging capabilities.

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