Web 2.0 Development Toolkit Enhancements Included in New Release of Revelation's OpenInsight Development Suite

Revelation Software has announced the availability of the latest release of OpenInsight Development Suite (OI), version 9.2.1, and the Universal Driver 4.7. 

OI 9.2.1 features OpenInsight for Web v.1.1. (O4W), a new version of the web 2.0 development toolkit that enables OpenInsight and MultiValue developers to rapidly create browser based forms, reports, menus, dashboards and programs. 

Additionally, in OI 9.2.1, Source Code Management (SCM), a new feature, enables source code to be grouped into modules and saved as a unique version as the code is compiled. With the new release, the system editor has also been redesigned to improve speed and functionality; and the U2 connector has been redesigned to utilize the UniObjects .NET library instead of the Intercall libraries, a change that allows the implementation of connection pooling.

The response to O4W 1.0 included in OpenInsight 9.2 has been so overwhelmingly positive and there were so many requests to add to it, that Revelation has spent the past 6-9 months developing additional enhancements for the product-within-a-product, Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Because these additions were so sought after by customers, adds Mike Ruane, president and CEO of Revelation, many customers actually took the beta version of O4W 1.1 and used it live. For full article, click here.

In conjunction with the release of 9.2.1, Revelation is simultaneously releasing the Universal Driver 4.7 and Universal Driver 4.7 (NUL) The Universal Driver 4.7 replaces the Universal Driver 4.6 and will be offered in two versions.  There is the free bundled version supplied with OpenInsight 9.x network user licenses and the standard version which is to be used with OpenInsight 8.x and below as well as Advanced Revelation.

Additionally, the UD 4.7 (NUL) will now be supplied at no cost to all current members of Revelation's Works Subscription program. MultiValue and SQL developers can purchase OpenInsight as a front end development toolkit without Revelation's Linear Hash database at a cost of $60 per user with a minimum of 10 users for browser based applications.  Included are both the O4W web development toolkit and the UD 4.7 (NUL) software.

In terms of specific changes to O4W, a number of the requested improvements revolved around security, explains Catalano, "so we provided some password encryption built in to O4W, and we have given some concrete examples of how to create login pages," says Catalano. In addition, he notes, "We have also tightly coupled OpenInsight forms so that you can take an existing OpenInsight form and/or report and send it through our O4W form or report wizard and it will start the development of the O4W form and/or report automatically."

As a result of this enhancement, Ruane explains, "Instead of developers having to create the reports and forms that they have already had in OpenInsight for so many years, they just run them through these tools and now they have a browser version that they can use a starting point to customize as needed."  O4W now also incorporates Google Vsualizations, expanding the range of graphs available.    

OpenInsight Development Suite 9.2 is available from Revelation Software, or through its network of resellers. For more information, go to