WebAction Lands $20 Million in New Funding and Rebrands Streaming Analytics Platform as ‘Striim’

WebAction unveiled several key advancements that will help expand its brand and platform, allowing the company to continue to derive value and insights from big data.

A new round of series B funding, led by Intel Capital, of $20 million will give the company enough money to invest in further innovating their products, along with expanding the sales team, explained Steve Wilkes, Co-Founder & CTO at WebAction.

“We really want to expand what we can do technically with the products and especially kind of focusing on these integration pieces which customers are telling us are really hard to do without a platform like ours,” Wilkes said.

Along with the new investment, Igor Taber, investment director for Big Data and Analytics at Intel Capital, will join WebAction’s board of directors.

In addition to the funding announcement, WebAction’s streaming analytics platform is being rebranded, now going by the name of Striim, pronounced as stream.

“The i’s in Striim represent integration and intelligence showing that this is a platform that allows you to get to your data and analyze it to get insights from it,” Wilkes said.

The platform can ingest high-speed streaming data from a wide variety of sources – including change data from enterprise databases – and deliver it to many different types of systems within milliseconds. While the data is moving, enterprises can filter, transform, aggregate and enrich it at-speed, organizing it in-memory before it lands on disk.

“The technology itself hasn’t changed,” said Wilkes. “It really just changes the way we communicate that information to the customers and makes it clearer, up front, the second you see it, exactly what it is we do.”

The newly branded Striim platform will also be available to the public immediately, according to Wilkes, along with new enhancements such as stronger security upgrades, open source compatibilities, pattern matching for events and much more.

“It builds on everything we’ve done to date,” Wilkes said. “We hear more and more from our customers about how security is really, really important.”

A variety of customers in different industries will benefit from Striim and its enhancements, Wilkes said.

“The platform has been designed to be usable by anyone with SQL knowledge,” Wilkes said. “You don’t need to be a coder or deep developer to be able to build out solutions using our platform.”

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